I cannot access my key store or certificate store.... can I still use Blacksands?  


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18/10/2017 4:24 pm  

Yes, Blacksands Certificates can also be installed into the Firefox browser, as Firefox has its own keystore outside the OS.


Detailed Installation of your Unique blacksands’ Certificates for Firefox

Firefox is a unique browser in that it does not use the local operating system’s certificate store. Rather, Firefox has its own certificate store that you will need to utilize.

1. OpenFirefox‘Preferences’

2. Select‘Advanced’

3. Select‘Certificates’

4. Select‘ViewCertificates’

5. Select‘Import’

6. Install the blacksands Root Certificate

  1. Locate your downloaded blacksands_inc_ca_root.crt and

    select ‘Open’

  2. TrusttheblacksandsRootCertificatebyselectingallthree

    options and then select ‘OK’

7. Install the ‘blacksands_inc_ca.crt’ and ‘blacksands_ca_l3.crt’

  1. Locate your downloaded certifcates and select ‘Open’

  2. Theywillbeautomaticallytrustedbecauseyoualready

    trusted the Root CA.

8. Create Your Unique Certificate

  1. Follow the link: new user registration

  2. Select a Password and enter it twice

  3. Select Submit – DO NOT CLOSE THIIS WINDOW YOU WILL NEED THIS PASSWORD install your certificate

  4. Select the download link to obtain your Unique Certificate

  5. Rename the downloaded file to webtoken.p12 (OSX only)

  6. Import your Unique Certificate that you just downloaded into Firefox certificate store

  7. Select ‘Your Certificate’

  1. Select ‘Import’

  2. Find the file you just downloaded and select ‘Open’

  3. Input the Password you setup when you registered in step 8.2 above.

  1. Select ‘OK’

  2. You are finished

  3. Open the blacksands Browser Client

    1. insert your Password

    2. select the service you would like to access in the drop down