About Us

blacksands_logo_bw_640Danati blacksands began with the development of a cutting edge Collaborative Ecosystem for Advanced Engineering and Research & Development targeting the Automotive Industry.  As development progressed, we realized that the risk to companies losing Billions in intellectual property was extremely high.  New engine development can exceed $1 Billion and much of this work was vulnerable to cyber theft.  Network Security and especially Cloud based Network Security was completely inadequate.

Therefore, we halted development on the Ecosystem and sought a security solution.  We needed to not only know, definitively, who was connected but also control these connections dynamically.  We needed to have system that were simple to use and impervious to the constant barrage of cyber-warfare.  When none was to be found we asked a few fundamental questions:

  • Why are we perpetually on the defense in cyber-security?

  • Why are we connecting to the entire world and then trying to filter out the bad entities?

  • Could we create a solution that is pro-active instead of re-active?

  • Can we make our connections invisible to the rest of the world?

In development of blacksands we discovered answers to these questions and much more.  Traditional network security operates on the ‘Trust but Verify’ principle – connect to everyone and filter out the bad.  blacksands inverts this with its ‘Verify then Trust’ process – connecting only to the appropriate entities, never to the world.

We discovered that blacksands’ pro-active technology not only creates an ultra-secure connection between users and services, but also creates an INVISIBLE network embedded in the current internet architecture.  In other words, blacksands produces a Phantom Network that cannot be discovered.