Cloud Hosted “Secure Connection as a Service” solution deployed quickly and affordably to meet comprehensive client risk- management condition

SUNNYVALE, CA: Blacksands has partnered with Telmac, a full-service strategic IT consulting and sourcing company, to assist them in winning a Fortune 300 client who had specific requirements to safeguard their proprietary information. Telmac had envisioned a cloud-based solution to host the client’s files, but needed a secure and cost-effective way to ensure only authorized individuals with a business need-to-know were accessing the private client information. Telmac turned to Blacksands, which used its Secure Connection as a Service (SCaaS) solution with their patented “Separation of Powers Architecture” to securely connect both Telmac and their client’s systems in a cloud environment. Using Amazon Web Services and Nextcloud, Blacksands presented a course of action, which met the client’s stringent Risk Management requirements.

Nathan Pawl, CEO of Blacksands – “Telmac had a requirement to not only provide a secure environment for sharing sensitive documents with their client, but to provide the ability to monitor every connection in near real-time to know who, what, when and where each connection was made. And have the solution up and running within a couple days.”

As more and more companies are connecting devices, applications, and people over the Internet, the need for secure connections is growing exponentially. With every new security breach, company CISO’s and IT Managers are becoming overwhelmed with the risks and costs of securing rapidly growing digitally connected environments.

Bob McGuire, CEO of Telmac – “Blacksands presented us a simple way for us to securely connect to our clients and meet their requirements of creating an audit trail of who is accessing their information. We can easily leverage this solution to give the same level of assurance to all our clients regarding the safeguarding of their important information”.

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About Telmac:

Telmac is a full-service strategic IT consulting and sourcing company that help clients cut costs, optimize their business and get more value from their vendors by giving them the knowledge and power to take charge of their IT infrastructure and stand out as IT leaders. Their extensive range of industry-leading telecommunications products and risk-free services, including network, cloud, and software and hardware solutions, are designed to enhance client/vendor relationships and deliver on win-win contracts with reduced costs and improved design, support and service.

About Blacksands, Inc.:

Blacksands Secure Connection as a Service (SCaaS) provides dynamically encrypted point-to-point connections using a patented “Separation of Powers” architecture to enable zero-trust environments. This is crucial for every company, public sector or military agency engaging in IoT, Industry 4.0, using remote vendors or employees to connect into their networks, or providing customers access to services via a mobile application. Our technology has been recognized recently at Plug and Play in Silicon Valley as the best new technology for cyber security.

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