Cloud Software

  • computer-146329_960_720How much damage would a security breach do to you and your company?
  • Do you have customers who are demanding high level security without the complexity of current solutions?
  • Do you require a security solution that has the flexibility to cross all major operating systems and mobile devices?
  • Are you tired of the distraction from your core business and high costs that current security solutions demand…and still fail to keep you secure?
  • Do you need a security solution that can rapidly grow with you, without the massive overhead at the beginning?

blacksands’ cloud solution provides the highest level of security, the greatest flexibility in deployment, with the simplest of installations.  blacksands allows your developers to stay focused on the most important part of your business, your application.

blacksands’ virtual edge device and SCaaS (Secure Connection as a Service) is ideal for new, growing, cloud based applications which require a high level of security.

blacksands – bringing FREEDOM to the connected world by providing Invisibility and Absolute Knowledge and Control of each connection!