Critical Infrastructure

Today’s Critical Infrastructure requires greater connectivity for big data, repair & maintenance, remote management, and more. However, most environments are a complex mixture of emerging and legacy solutions without the large, full-time cadre of IT professionals required to manage the changing connectivity requirements. Due to the exponentially increasing connectivity requirements and lack of technology to overcome the large IT overhead and security barriers, Operations and IT are often at War.

Blacksands significantly reduces this conflict by providing a highly flexible, simple to use, and locally manageable platform for Operations while at the same time offering unprecedented security, visibility, and control for IT.

Typical Use Case:

Operations has a system failure, it is forced to either endure long IT / support / travel – wait times or make risky connections through alternate methods. Due to the, constant variations in suppliers, management vendors, and local support contractors, static solutions are not a viable option. Blacksands SCaaS is a single solution that provides instant point-to-point connections from a remote vendor to a particular legacy infrastructure system (i.e. windows XP management console). The vendor only needs a Blacksands’ Certificate on his/her local device (i.e. PC, handheld…). A third shift manager with pre-approved rights (Stakeholder) can provide immediate point-to-point access to the failed system without exposing anything else on the network. When the work is complete, the same manage can instantly remove vendor’s access. Meanwhile IT can maintain global visibility and control of each connection and each Stakeholder.