Today’s Fin-tech operations face increasing risk as they become more connected.  Yet, connectivity is essential to improving productivity, customer satisfaction, efficiency, and ultimately, profitability. Typical operations are comprised of disparate, siloed environments including building automation systems, internal and external applications, and ATMs.  These are often designed with multiple vendors utilizing both cutting edge and legacy technology.  In addition, Fin-tech operations have enterprise management systems for many sensitive areas of business including, personnel, finance, market analysis, pricing, and customer data,. Increasingly, Fin-tech operations are being targeted by nation states, competition, hacktivists, organized crime, and opportunistic malicious software.  

Critical threats 

  • Down-timeSystem, equipment, or communications failure can cause significant losses while the operations must wait for vendors to arrive, assess the problem and provide a solution. 

  • Intellectual PropertyThe loss of market analysis, financial records, pricing, and sensitive financial methods can lead to losses in customers and ultimately profits.

  • SecurityBuilding automation,  ATM (often older) systems and partner applications can pose significant risk to other financial systems and valuable property if hacked.  

  • Market / Brand Modern supply chains have little room for error, thus placing signifiant pressure on Fin-tech operations to keep the data secure, operations efficient, and brand clean.

Fin-tech White Paper

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