Everyone and everything is trying to connect to you, your property, and your data.  While this may seem innocuous, in reality, it can be enslaving.  Governments, companies, social groups, criminal organizations, individuals, and countless software solutions are relentlessly connecting to you.  Many times these connections are very beneficial and desired, but often countless connections are made without your consent and can have devastating consequences.

The difference between freedom and slavery is choice.

start-upIf you choose to share your ideas with the world you are free.  However, if others share these same ideas without your knowledge or consent, you are a slave.  This is true for all corporate entities as well as individuals.  It includes everything from intellectual property, images, stories, behavior patterns, conversations, and identities.

In a connected world everyone and everything you connect to gathers information about you.  Governments, companies, individuals and devices constantly monitor your location, purchases, interactions, and reactions in order to build a profile.  These profiles are used to help you find that which you are seeking, but also manipulating you into behaving in a way that others desire.

Sharing-Too-Much-Information-On-Social-NetworksThe fundamental architecture of the connected world is built on a ‘Trust but Verify’ platform.  This means that when you connect to the Internet you connect to the entire world.  And then you are thrust into the perpetual cat and mouse game of attempting to filter out the annoying, problematic, malicious, and criminal connections.  This reactive posture provides endless opportunities for those dark forces to control you.

Regain your FREEDOM by controlling every connection!

You are no longer doomed to this slavery.  Instead of connecting to the entire world and then attempting to filter out the bad, Blacksands give you the ability to Know and Control every connection from the outside.  This means you can Know and Control

  • Who you are connecting to
  • What services are connected
  • When the connections occur
  • Where the connections originate

Blacksands also provides unparalleled security in each connection.   Blacksands creates an INVISIBLE & SECURE CONNECTION in the midst of normal internet traffic.  When your connections are invisible you are not prone to theft nor manipulation.


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