Gap Coverage Services

Open REQs are difficult to fill and can take a significant amount of time. blacksands’ Gap Coverage Services offer qualified, experienced professionals that can fill critical, short-term System, Security, and Architecture gaps while HR finds long-term solutions. blacksands’ keeps projects moving forward and makes the transition to full-time resources efficient, effective, and complete by providing services, documentation, and training.

Do you have more tickets than you can process and more projects than you can handle?

  • Are project delays increasing your risk and increasing your losses because you do not have the right leadership in place?
  • Are you at risk of data loss or productivity delays because your cyber security team is lacking resources and direction?
  • Are critical certifications in jeopardy or lapsing because you lack immediate management and direction?
  • Are long-term, big-named consultants costing you significant amounts of money providing complex reports, incremental results, without an end in sight?

blacksands’ specializes in timely coverage of resource gaps and bringing your operations back under control, within budget.

blacksands Gap Coverage Services Introduction

blacksands’ Gap Coverage Services provide short-term, critical, deliverables in areas that have immediate ROI. blacksands’ Associates work within your processes in order to ensure timely project delivery and smooth long-term transition.