Health Care

How much value is there in:


  • Increasing Interoperability throughout multiple Health Care Networks including EHR systems, suppliers, vendors, and partners?
  • Improving Patient Engagement through dynamic connectivity to enduser IoT devices and applications?
  • Reducing down time and repair/maintenance costs  through dynamic secure connections with vendors and work flow management systems?

blacksands’ technology is providing the connectivity platform for Interoperability in the increasingly complex Health Care Ecosystems.  Finally, there is a high quality Network Connectivity/Security Solution that provides simplicity instead of complexity, security instead of uncertainty, and flexibility instead of bureaucracy!

Access to your critical data and infrastructure in today’s health care environment is the difference between life and death.  However, due to current, costly, complex, compromised security solutions, your data and critical infrastructure cannot accessed effectively or efficiently!

blacksands meets two critical needs:

  1. For IT, blacksands provides Absolute Knowledge and Control of each connection in the Health Care Network.
  2. For Practitioners and Patients, blacksands provides instant connections to the critical infrastructure and data with unparalleled flexibility for today’s constantly changing health care environments.

Unlike all current, broken security solutions that connect to the entire world and attempt to filter out hostile entities, blacksands’ dynamic architecture is Invisible except to those legitimate users.  In other words, blacksands will never allow a connection to be made from an unknown entity!  This provides unparalleled security for your critical industrial infrastructure.

blacksands – bringing FREEDOM to the connected world by providing Invisibility and Absolute Knowledge and Control of each connection!