Secure Connection as a Service


Customers want instant, granular control and access to applications and things. However, there is neither the technology nor business structure for Dynamic, Simple, Secure, Scalable end user Control.

blacksands’, patent pending, SCaaS (Secure Connection as a Service) provides Dynamic, Simple, Secure, Scalable, and Invisible Connectivity to applications and IoT.


Unique Functionality

  • Dynamic Authentication, Dynamic Authorization, Dynamic Routing – OSI layers 3-7
  • Invisible network edge to the rest of the world
  • Stakeholder Management and Control – elegant UI provides non- technical individuals the ability to make instant, secure connections
  • Centralized Visibility and Control – IT
    or executives are given real-time
    monitoring and control of every
    connection to every service (who is
    connected, what services are connected, when the connection occurs and where the connection originates)
  • No Client Required – OS and Device agnostic
  • Mutual certificate, client authenticated TLS handshake
  • Native 2-factor authentication
  • SNI domain name routing
  • Simple application single-sign on – no API required
  • DoD version Fips 140-2 compliant
  • Integrate natively within DoD CAC environment
  • PCI-DSS v3.x compliant upon request

blacksands provides an opportunity to maintain global centralized control and visibility while also offering stakeholder management. Provisioning of new users and instant administration of connections can be managed by appropriate engineers or others, reducing IT workload and project delays without sacrificing security.

blacksands provides instant ROI by dramatically increasing productivity and customer satisfaction while decreasing downtime and other costs.