• carIs it a concern that the supply chain, after-market manufacturers, and the app developers hold the keys to drive and control the transportation company’s future?
  • How much risk are the transportation company enduring because it has no control over who is connecting to its vehicles?
  • Would it be beneficial if the transportation company could control and create revenue streams from everything that connects to their vehicles, including apps and aftermarket smart parts?

blacksands is the foundation on which connected vehicles security and big data are built.  Without this foundation OEMs, suppliers, and customers will be forever at the mercy of the hyper connected world.Solid_Foundation

blacksands is the New Network Security Solution that provides Invisibility and Absolute Knowledge and Control of each connection to each vehicle!

Unlike current broken security solutions that connect to the entire world and attempt to filter out the bad guys, blacksands’ Dynamic Architecture is Invisible except to those who have legitimate access to the vehicles systems.  In other words blacksands will never allow a connection to be made from an unknown entity!

blacksands’, patent pending, ‘Separation of Powers Architecture’ provides; Dynamic Authentication, Dynamic Authorization, and Dynamic Routing, while maintaining an Invisible Network Edge.  Vehicles can now have real-time control based on geography, drivers, fleet rules, national laws, and owner preferences.  blacksands is the only network security solution that has the flexibility to meet the constantly changing global connectivity requirements.

Will the transportation industry rely on failing, complex, costly, and consistently ineffective technology?  Or, will it finally embrace something new?

blacksands – bringing FREEDOM to the connected world by providing Invisibility and Absolute Knowledge and Control of each connection!