Why control connectivity?

Controlling network connectivity through Internet Web Based protocols is the highest priority for the future of computer applications and systems security. This raises basic business questions like:

  • How much risk exposure is being taken because there is little if any control over who is interfering with your product or service on a given network?
  • What is the impact of outsiders (or hackers) holding the critical keys to drive and control your product or service’s future?
  • Through better network control, is there an opportunity to create revenue streams from everything that connects to your product or service?

blacksands Technology is software and hardware developed by Danati that provides the capability, scalability and flexibility to answer these questions.

Four critical processes – Authentication, Authorization, Invisibility, Control – in one solution

  1. Authentication – blacksands securely connects a person or control point (entity) to the blacksands Edge. The identity of this entity is established prior to connecting to the blacksands Edge, significantly limiting access to only those known entities and preventing an entity from connecting to anything prior to validation.
  2. Authorization – After external authentication blacksands establishes a secure connection only to authorized services, never to the network! Trusted users are only able to connect to and interact with their authorized services, never any other protected services.
  3. Invisibility – blacksands Edge and all connections are Invisible. The Edge is black on the internet/network and only accessible by an approved entity.
  4. Control – Absolute monitoring and control is maintained throughout the blacksands solution. Administrators, at all times, know and controlWho is connected, What services they connect to, When they connect, and Where the connection originates. This provides stronger control, quicker response and crucial knowledge about what’s going on in the network environment in real time! Exceptional benefits of this feature include complete access control and the elimination of an Edge from being detected, usually the first step in any unauthorized access.

Finally, because blacksands provides absolute connectivity control it provides the most flexible user, network, and service functionality in the market today. blacksands provides Secure Connection as a Service (SCaaS) for Internet web based protocols. Being able to control the connections allows the user to control the network’s future – efficiently and securely.


We believe a critical need emerging in today’s marketplace is to

Know and Control Every Connection

for protection, management and business opportunity.