Why Blacksands

Blacksands is a leader in network architecture, identity management, and invisible, dynamic connectivity.

We focus on making our solution quick to deploy, easy to manage, and highly secure. We provide near real-time auditability so you know the who, what, when and where of every connection. Blacksands has three strategic advantages over other solutions increasing security and productivity while drastically reducing risk and cost: 

  1. Simple: Blacksands is a simple solution, designed to be managed by non-IT personnel. System installation takes under 15 minutes. Management of the system does not require specialized IT personnel or training.  
  2. Secure: Blacksands utilizes separation of powers architecture, highest level of security, redundancy, and flexibility. 
  3. Scalable: Blacksands features architecture for global connectivity across networks and perimeters. Traditional, legacy and cloud Blacksands SCaaS is built on its own proprietary software, not the open source framework of the other SDP products.
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