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Secure Connection as a Service (SCaaS)

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The explosion of connecting devices and people has become a global security threat. IoT, Industry 4.0, remote employees, vendors, and mobile applications are driving an exponential increase in the number of connected devices. Businesses across every industry vertical are struggling to manage the challenge of increased security risks and the associated costs. Every day a new high profile security breach undermines confidence that businesses can secure confidential information.

Blacksands Secure Connection as a Service (SCaaS) solution provides dynamically encrypted point-topoint connections using a patented "Separation of Powers" architecture to enable zero-trust environments.

SCaaS is designed to be simple, secure, scalable and affordable. We focus on making our solution quick to deploy, easy to manage, and highly secure, while providing near real-time auditability so you know the who, what, when and where of every connection.

Proprietary & Patented Separation of Powers Architecture

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Manufacturing & Retail: 

Manufacturing, MRO (maintenance, repair & overhaul), Construction, Supply Chain & Logistics, and Retail

Manufacturing, MRO & Construction

Manufacturing has seen significant growth in the number of digital connections. Much of this is being driven by industry 4.0; ERP systems; IoT & Big Data; B2B2C and predictive maintenance.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain & Logistics has seen a significant growth in the number of digital connections. Much of this is being driven by digital supply chain; machine learning; fleet management; IoT & data analytics; and tracking & monitoring.


Retailers have seen a significant growth in the number of connections in stores, online, and through mobile applications. Whether it is cloud; IoT, mobile; store automation (displays, kiosks, HVAC, cameras, etc.); vendor access; or customer personalization, each device incorporated into a retailers digital infrastructure can be exploited by hackers.