Real-Time Audit Trail and Connection Logging

Cities, manufacturing companies, government agencies, the banking industry and other enterprise organizations must comply with varying audit and logging requirements. However, existing hardware and software architecture including complicated SIEMs make discovering and understanding what is occurring on a network extremely difficult.

Blacksands real-time visibility into the Who, What, When, and Where (who is connected, what is connected, when the connections occur and where they originate) are a significant force multiplier to log / event management systems.

Real-Time Tracking

Secure network services require the ability to monitor the state of your network connections and critical infrastructure in real-time. Our real-time logging can connect with existing SIEM solutions providing granular logging of each connection from the Network Layer to the Application Layer. This allows administrators the ability to track who and which endpoints are being connected as well as the requestor and administrator activities.

Detailed Log of Connections

Our service provides a detailed historical log, in a ‘syslog’ format, that gives you all the information needed to understand interactions within the Blacksands architecture. Never question who your users are, how they accessed your PCs, Applications, IoT, and IT Infrastructure. This includes connections in your datacenters, offices, cloud, and third party cloud spaces.

  • Who is connected
  • What services are connected
  • When the connection occurs

  • Where the connection originates
  • Why was the connection allowed - action/request logs of administrators and stakeholders

All from One, Easy-To-Use Console

Blacksands’ Secure Connection as a Service makes tracking simple. All connections are managed in a user-friendly, easy-to-use console. There is never an illegitimate connection on a Blacksands system. Simple and Securely administer users, services, connections, and access from one central interface.


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