Remote Access for Desktop Computers

Benefits of Secure Remote Connectivity

Remote device access is increasingly utilized by more and more employers and industries as services move online and into “the cloud.” The benefits of remote access capabilities are numerous and include:

  • Employees can work from anywhere
  • Employees can maintain access to services while traveling
  • Save on costs associated with travel, building and space requirements
  • Businesses can hire the most competitive employees around the globe
  • Companies can reach customers they could not have without the internet

We understand the importance of offering a SECURE connectivity solution for customers who require remote desktop visibility or control.

Blacksands All-in-One Secure Remote Access for PCs

Simple Installation

Blacksands offers a secure remote desktop service for clients of any size or industry. Our user-friendly set up process ensures our secure access does not require an agent or client installation on the external device. The target PC has a simple BiRDS (Blacksands Remote Desktop Service) client that establishes secure connectivity even within the customer network.

No Third-Party Platforms Access Or Routing

Cities, manufacturing companies, government agencies, the banking industry and other enterprise organizations cannot risk having vulnerable PCs connect to third-party platforms where they have no visibility, audit, or network control. To reduce the risk of a breach or third party network failure Blacksands brokers point-to-point encrypted connections from the end user device directly into the customer environment and then securely connects to a single PC. Connections to customer PCs are never routed or terminated in any Blacksands or third party cloud or application.

Full Access or View Only Access

Some end users require Full Access to a PC while others must be limited to View Only. Blacksands offers two types of PC connectivity. The Full Access provides keyboard video and mouse control to the external user, while the View Only Access offers only video access. These different types of access are ideal for limiting based on circumstances including; type of external user or device, type of target PC, and PC security/sensitivity.

Dynamic Interactive Control

In many circumstances PC access is required at-will; for a limited duration or from different external users. Blacksands simple administration makes provisioning such connections easy and secure. Unlike typical RDS (Remote Desktop Services), Blacksands connections do NOT disconnect the local user while the remote user is connected. Thus, in situations like manufacturing control systems or PC troubleshooting the user in front of the target PC can see what is occurring and maintain or simultaneously share control.

Device Compatibility

The unique architecture design and functionality of our service allows compatibility across all major operating systems and device types.


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