Manufacturing Use Case

We provide system maintenance, repair, and overhaul for the manufacturing industry—including construction, supply chain, and retail businesses across the U.S.


Customer Problem

With engineers, technicians, vendors, and customers scattered around the world, secure connectivity from various remote locations is required. Furthermore, being able to provide remote support and control of operational management systems, devices, and applications is critical to remain efficient. The overarching supply chain industry encompasses countless different companies—each with expertise in mass production. Additionally, connection to three types of services is required, including PC remote access, web application access, and video access to individual video cameras and sensors.

The Blacksands Solution

Blacksands Secure Connection as a Service is a single, simple solution that provides the below functionality without adding IT personnel. Here’s how it works:

Step One: A remote technician located in Germany need to connect to manufacturing device located in the U.S. for monitoring, operation, and repair.
Step Two: U.S. facility administrator logs into Blacksands to access the simple administration console. They can add the technician and provide them with a single-service, device-specific connection.
Step Three: The technician is presented with a list of the services they can access, based on certificate credentials and authorization. From there, they can select the service they want to connect to.
Step Four: Access is granted, and a point-to-point encrypted connection is brokered between the technician’s device and the particular service. Applications, remote PC control, Remote PC visibility, and IoT connections can be simply and securely provided on an as needed basis.
Step Five: A point-to-point connection is also brokered between the technician’s device and a live video feed overseeing operations or another IoT service. Once complete, the technician is removed from service.

Blacksands’ SCaaS is designed to be simple, secure, scalable and affordable. We focus on making our solution quick to deploy, easy to manage, and highly secure, while providing near real-time auditability so you know the who, what, when and where of every connection.

Simple, Secure & Scalable

In a world where everything is connected, Blacksands will keep your data safe.


Efficient management, minimal personnel, simple interface, and unlimited connections.

Your digital future requires a new way to manage and secure your network.