Smart Cities Use Case

Blacksands provides simple, secure, scalable connectivity for vendors, employees, and other agencies, to connect to critical infrastructure, IoT, Applications, and PCs.


Customer Problem

Hyper-connectivity is not a future problem. It is here today. Cities must have a new way to provide digital connectivity that can scale without massive cost or increasing personnel while simultaneously providing greater security.

The Blacksands Solution

Blacksands patented separation of powers architecture allows for unlimited scalability across local, cloud and external networks. It is designed to be used and managed by normal people, so no need for increased specialized IT personnel. And it provides superior security with granular visibility and control, in real-time, of every connection.

Step One:A remote vendor needs to access a critical piece of water treatment system that is controlled by an older PC.
Step Two:City facility administrator logs into Blacksands to access the simple administration console. They can add the technician and provide them with a single-service, device-specific connection to the PC without risk of infection.
Step Three:The technician is presented with a list of the services they can access, based on certificate credentials and authorization. From there, they can select the service they want to connect to.
Step Four:Access is granted, and a point-to-point encrypted connection is brokered between the technician’s device and the particular PC controller without risk of infection. Connectivity to applications, remote PC control, Remote PC visibility, and IoT connections can be simply and securely provided on an as needed basis.
Step Five: A full, detailed audit log, is presented in real-time to the city of Who is connected, Where the connection originates, What is connected, and When the connection occurred. It also details the Why / Who authorized the connection.

Blacksands’ SCaaS is designed to be simple, secure, scalable and affordable. We focus on making our solution quick to deploy, easy to manage, and highly secure, while providing near real-time auditability so you know the who, what, when and where of every connection.

Simple, Secure & Scalable

In a world where everything is connected, Blacksands will keep your data safe.

Your digital future requires a new way to manage and secure your network.