Implementation Roadmap

We're confident that you're going to love Blacksands' Secure Connection as a Service. Our Implementation Roadmap provides a rapid assessment of strategy, technology, and governance in order to lay out your digitization path. It also allows you to experience our encrypted connections, admin console, audit trail, two-factor authentication, remote desktop access, SSH, and edge invisibility without costly integration. Fill out the information below to get started.

What's included in the Implementation Roadmap?

Blacksands offers 60 - 90 day engagement. This will allow a customer to assess their readiness to adopt Blacksands Zero Trust Architecture, obtain a roadmap for integration and adoption, and utilize a fully functioning Blacksands SCaaS deployment. This includes secure connection to services Applications, PCs, SSH, IoT, and more. The Implementation Roadmap is simple, requires minimal effort, and produces a functional Digital Transformation Plan.

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Compatibility Assessment includes - Technology, Governance, Strategy

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Full System

Full access to Admin Panel and easily deployable Receivers, point-to-point encrypted connections to PCs, Applications, SSH, IoT, and more.

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Integration Plan, Project Plan, and Budget Projection

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    Your digital future requires a new way to manage and secure your network.