SSH - Secure Shell Service

SSH Terminals - Secure Remote Login and Access

Our SSH service provides users with the highest quality security standards during the exchange of information between remote devices via terminal emulation.

SSH Keys

The Blacksands’ SSH system relies on our patented Separation of Powers Architecture. This is designed to allow for safe entrance, decryption, and encryption over secure remote connections. Access to individual shell systems can be obtained by separate username and password or personal/industry certificates that can be utilized for a single session.

  • No additional software is required from the client or the agent.
  • Option for alternate user SSH keys for individual certificate-based authentication

SSH Utilization

SSH is often used in numerous IoT (Internet of Things) and IT technologies including:

  • IoT devices (lighting, environmental controls, sensors, security systems, and more)
  • Servers
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Firewalls

Limiting Access

Typically SSH access requires full network access often through a VPN. If a vendor, like a network switch provider, needs to troubleshoot or modify a particular switch, the entire network is exposed to the third party contractor. With Blacksands, NO VPN is required, and a third party contractor can be provided dynamic, at-will, point-to-point access to an individual switch without exposing anything else on the network, thus decreasing risk and improving productivity.


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