Simple Network Administration

Admin Console

Our admin console is intended to give authorized team members a global view of your network with the power to grant permissions to user requests and assign management roles.

The Administrative Console is Designed With You in Mind

Manage all the crucial variables that create your complex network system, easily and securely. The elegant, graphical interface layout, allows you to manage your secure connections with point and click controls; providing administrators and users with an intuitive experience.

Dynamic Control

We make user connectivity simple and secure. Access management for each team member and service (PC, Application, IoT, IT Infrastructure) is easily administered through our intuitive interface. Onboarding and changes take minutes instead of months. Blacksands provides granular, dynamic, supervision of every connection from the Network Layer to the Application Layer giving you control over who is connected, what is connected, when the connections occur, and where the connections originate inside and outside of your organization in real-time.


Blacksands provides the full story in real-time -- where and how users are working within your systems to better keep your network secure. This gives customers a single place to gain a comprehensive understanding of every connection across your dynamic network, including multi-site, cloud, and cross-domain environments.

Distributed Management

IT Administrators have global visibility and control of EVERY connection in real-time. Uniquely, Blacksands offers organizations the ability to distribute management of select Service Access (PCs, Applications, IoT, and IT Infrastructure) to trusted individuals (Stakeholders).

Stakeholders can be assigned limited administrative responsibilities to particular Services. This allows individuals, like a plant manager, the ability to allow an existing User (Vendor) access to a Stakeholder assigned Service (Industrial PC). Distributed Management allows to streamline workflow while maintaining secure connectivity without adding additional IT personnel.


Control and Visibility Over:


All Services
(PCs, Applications,
IoT, IT Infrastructure)


Your digital future requires a new way to manage and secure your network.