Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

Blacksands brokers dynamic point-to-point encrypted connections to protect smart city infrastructure, manufacturing companies, government agencies, the banking industry and other critical infrastructure digital assets.

Protection by Encryption

Blacksands creates the highest industry standard encrypted connections without touching your data. Our patented Separation of Powers Architecture allows Blacksands to broker encrypted connections maintaining continuity of encryption from the user device into the customer environment. This means that, even in open or hostile networks you can be assured that your data is protected. Furthermore, Blacksands is NEVER a man-in-the-middle (cannot see or alter customer data), providing reduced risk and eliminating your need to audit another environment. Our industry tested and validated solutions ensure that your data is securely encrypted, rendering it unintelligible to cybersecurity threats.

Affordable, Scalable, Simple P2PE

As a financial institution, government agency, or manufacturing company Blacksands solutions offer a single platform to secure connectivity to Applications, PC’s, IoT, and IT infrastructure. The patented Separation of Powers Architecture allows for global scalability and cross domain connectivity without the need to add additional IT personnel.


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