Multi-Factor Authentication

Simple, Secure, Scalable User Authentication Process

Our multi-factor authentication is a security procedure requiring two types of proof be provided by a user and mutual certificate verification prior to access to a PC, application, server, or other digital service. This protects you and your user’s identity, providing confirmation that authorized users have access to their designated services. Our patented Separation of Powers Architecture requires that all users of our Secure Connection as a Service (SCaaS) are identified prior to making a connection.

Password-Only Security is Outdated

As complex cybersecurity threats evolve, so does the need for a more substantial solution to securing the user access points of your services. The growing popularity of requiring login information to access our favorite web-based services and platforms has resulted in poorly protected user data, mostly in the form of single factor, simple password authentication.

Mutual (TLS) Certificate Based Authentication:

Our certificate based, mutual TLS authentication ensures that the appropriate users and devices are identified and securely connected even from open or hostile networks. Each User device is provided a unique certificate. The certificates do not have any native ability to access anything, all privileges are dynamically applied after a user and device is authenticated. Only then will a Receiver communicate and grant appropriate access.

Built-In Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor authentication is natively built into our service. Our secure authentication solution provides a hassle-free process for users by first verifying the certificate that has been assigned to the user’s device. Once the certificate is recognized, the user will enter in a unique password as the second factor of authentication. Our unique patented Separation of Powers Architecture does NOT require any additional integration in order to utilize Blacksands Multi-Factor authentication.

*no additional software or hardware requirements for our clients.


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